About Us

My name is Lynda Jones and in 2018 I fell in love with the art of Soap Making. I have continued the love affair with Joy and a passion ever since. The hobby had now developed into a successful business, The Vegan Soap Company London. My vision is to create and sell beautiful handcrafted, plant-based, vegan friendly soaps. Soaps that will nourish the whole person, leaving your skin feeling moisturised and clean.  All my bars are handmade, using a traditional cold process method. made with only the best natural ingredients. Each bar contains a blend of four different oils to create a great moisturising formula, that nourishes your skin.

Having embraced a Vegan lifestyle of living in 1986, I can definitely say I have an insider’s view of Vegan products.

I delight in experimenting with all natural plants, fruits and seeds. I use re-structured water that I filter and energise with crystals. The whole experience is magical. Cold process soap is made by the mixing of oils and an alkali, resulting in a new product – Soap; this process is called Saponification. Each bar takes 6 weeks to cure and be ready to sell.

Soap making dates back to 2800BC in ancient Babylon where recipes for soap have been found written on clay tablets. Early soap would have probably been made with animal fats and mixed with plant ashes.

Working in my Soap Studio at home I create my beautiful soaps whilst listening to uplifting, classical and high vibrational music. This practice was inspired many years ago by the work of Masaru Emoto who wrote “The Hidden Messages in Water” and the work of Water Researcher Veda Austin and her work “The Secret Intelligence of Water”.

I am fascinated by the natural world and all the plants that heal, nurture and sustain us. I use only natural ingredients and all my products are eco-friendly.

My bars of soap are long lasting, smell divine and create a feeling of Joy when used. My aim is to provide my customers with an experience as well as a product.

The soaps are packaged in rather unique way – I up cycle and give a new lease of life to the things people no longer have a need for, namely dictionaries and road maps, I use these to wrap around my soaps, giving them a rustic look.

In December 2021 I was awarded by Phoenix Business Enterprise Programme Entrepreneur of the Year Award – Highly Commended. Richmond Council and CPG Executive Consulting created the Phoenix Enterprise programme to support Richmond businesses.

Longer term plans are to run workshops/demonstrations and retreat weekends/bridal workshops.

I am also the founder of a trust called Saved by Soap. We support and uplift women who have been through the prison system, experienced homelessness or domestic violence, to help nourish, build confidence, self-esteem and enhance their skill base. This will be through a series of workshops and help them to form their own co-operatives should they wish.

In October 0f 2022 we relocated from West London to Norfolk, we continue to make and supply soaps all over the country.

The Artisan behind the soap
Handmade in Britain Stand at Chelsea Old Town Hall 2021